GIC FIN*Sydänyön Basecamper


Nicknames: Ansku, Anskuli, Bansku, Anselmiina
Sex: female
Race: Sacred Birman
Color: lilacpoint (SBI c)
Date of birth: 1.2.2008, Joensuu
Breeder: FIN*Sydänyön
Sire: SC FIN*MeToYou Boss, SBI n
Dam: GIC FIN*Lirukallion Cuumaa tuhkaa, SBI g
Bloodgroup: A(b) FeLV- and FIV-negative. (4.8.2009)

Pictures of Ansku

Ansku has been nineteen times in a cat show. Here something judges have said about her.
Type: Ex bodyshape, ex boning.(AK) Ex length in body, med. strong built, short legs.(OK) Proportional, well growing body, ex legs.(MS) Good solid, strong built kitten. Good boned.(HH) Ex length in body, medium short legs, medium strong boning.(OK) Ex developed young lady, ex proportions, ex boning.(AP) Young lady developing nicely in the body, nice strong legs.(SJ) Ex proportion for young female, ex legs, ex paws.(EZ) Harmonious body + proportions. Young lady, needs more time to have more substance for her body(AP-S) Very young female, still well developed, heavy, good length of the body.(KB)
Head: Ex shape, ex profile, ex chin, ex top.(AK) Ex rounded shape, ex profile, rounded forehead, ex muzzle & chin.(OK) Nice shape, nose, developing forehead, nice cheeks, chin.(MS) Nice top of head, good profile, strong chin.(HH) Somewhat rounded, profile with indentation, rounded muzzle, ex chin.(OK) Super rounded head, ex profile and chin.(AP) Ex profile/top, ex chin, ex cheek line, good width at cheeks.(SJ) Medium size, ex profile, ex chin, developing cheekbones, a little flat forehead.(EZ) Fem. width on top at cheekbones, tapering to muzzle.(AP-S) Ex SBI head, good profile, good cheeks, good chin. OH - THAT LOOK.(KB)
Eyes: Ex shape, ex color.(AK) Large, ex blue eye color.(OK) Ex shape and colour.(MS) Nice shape, colour OK.(HH) Large, medium blue eye color.(OK) Ex colour and form.(AP) Ex size, shape, medium blue.(SJ) Ex size and form, ex deep blue colour.(EZ) Lustrous blue, oval eyes.(AP-S) Good shape, size and colour.(KB)
Ears: Ex size and setting.(AK) Medium size due to age, rounded tips, ex set.(OK) Proportional, well placed.(MS) Well placed.(HH) Bit dominant in size, well placed, rouded tips.(OK) Ex form and placed.(AP) Ex shape, set, dominating a little still.(SJ) Ex open and placement, a little big today.(EZ) Broad at base, set well.(AP-S) Good shape, size, well set for this young age.(KB)
Coat: Ex babycoat, ex points, ex socks, gauntlets hard to see.(AK) Baby coat, lilac points and marks are not ready, quite even gloves and gauntlets.(OK) Ex quality, nice colours of body and points, good gloves and gauntlets.(MS) Excellent silky coat. Gloves OK. Nice contrasts.(HH) Ex birman coat, quite even gloves and gauntlets, lilac mask and points are in developing.(OK) Ex colour and points, gloves ex in back, very good in front.(AP) Ex texture, soft, silky, pale body color, points not finished yet, even/correct socks/gloves.(SJ) Semilong, ex silky texture, the gloves and gauntlets are white and symmetric.(EZ) Ex texture, semilong coat. Even body colour, pointcolour advancing, white gloves and gauntlets.(AP-S) Ex quality of the coat, well developed points, lovely bodycolor. Good white on gloves and socks.(KB)
Tail: Ex.(AK) Ex length.(OK) Proportional.(MS) Good length.(HH) Ex length, plumed.(OK) Ex length and furnished.(AP) Ex length/furnished.(SJ) Mediumg long, ex furnished.(EZ) Suitable length for body.(AP-S) Bushy - good length.(KB)
Condition: Ex presented.(AK) Ex show.(OK) Ex.(MS) Well presented.(HH) Ex show.(OK) Ex kunto.(BW) Super show condition.(AP) Ex condition.(EZ) Fine.(AP-S) In lovely show condition. Sweet.(KB)
Overall impression: What a sweet playful princess.(AK) Promising.(OK) Nice communicative, well presented kitten.(MS) Nice kitten.(HH) Promising girl, needs time for developing, sweet temp.(OK) Ex presented, very charming lady.(AP) Shows herself nicely.(SJ) Ex temperament.(EZ) Friendly and sweet!(AP-S) Congratulations to the breeder.(KB)

Ansku is from our second litter and as the only girl in that litter it was obvious she would stay in our breeding programme. I was hoping for another tortie but got a lilacpoint instead. Ansku had a pretty head shape since she was a little baby and we were pleased with how she developed. She is a medium sized female with strong boning. The best part in her is the head: soft lines and that cute look she has. Ansku has really nice blue eyes, too, and very good points for a young lilacpoint. She has nice type and has been doing pretty well in shows so far.

Ansku is a talkative girl who always has to say her opinion, no matter what the subject is. But even though she's talking a lot she is relaxed and easy to handle. She is an active cat who has to have something to do, like her sister Nuppu. Ansku needs a lot of attention, too. If she doesn't get what she wants she starts to use her voice. She sounds like an old door when opening it. :D Now she has started to eat plants if her personal servants (my parents) won't do what she wants them to do. That always does the trick.

Ansku will hopefully be a mother to a few Sydänyön litters in the future. She has strong qualities and we believe she could be a good breeding queen. It's been nice to take part in cat shows with her cause there aren't too many lilacpoints there. I really love Ansku's look and I hope her kittens will have that same look.


SC MeToYou Boss, SBI n
EC Harebell Bryan, SBI a
CH Stendalens Cola, SBI b
EC Varicella's Blue Tissue, SBI a
GIC Fredrikakattens Kim, SBI a
Kattapulten'z Enzo, SBI c 21
Raushöjden's Gaia, SBI n
Trinity's Rolls Royce Robin, SBI n
CH Varicella's Golden Listeria, SBI n
Citizen's Blue Angus, SBI a
Fredrikakattens Herta, SBI a
IC Piggelins Allan Edwall, SBI c 21
GIC Biakim's Maliblue, SBI a
Backkara's Cesar, SBI b
Raushöjdens Lady Eferzina, SBI a
IC Lirukallion Cuumaa tuhkaa, SBI g
PR & CH Natalietten Benjamin, SBI c
CH Lirukallion Tilaustyö, SBI d
GIC & IP Jadinell Azio Zingaro, SBI b
Pirimirrin Dominica, SBI a
EC Zhamanen Diablo, SBI e
EC Zhamanen Kinley, SBI f
EC & PR Aman Tora Tora, SBI b 21
IC Sacresinh Blanche, SBI c
GIC & EP Jalinkas Finus, SBI c
EC Las Perlas-sin Ivy Mae, SBI a 21
EC Sarika Lushan, SBI n
EC Chiritan Golden Princess DM, SBI f
GIC Merissal Dante, SBI d
Chiritan Merremia Aurea DM, SBI n


Date Organisation Place Class Judge Result
17.5.2008 PIROK Tampere 12 Anne Köhn EX 1 NOM
28.6.2008 ISROK Siilinjärvi 12 Olga Komissarova EX 1
29.6.2008 ISROK Siilinjärvi 12 Martin Sanda EX 1
23.8.2008 RUROK Vantaa 11 Henry Hornell EX 1
24.8.2008 RUROK Vantaa 11 Henry Hornell EX 1
6.9.2008 POH-KIS Seinäjoki 11 Olga Komissarova EX 1
7.9.2008 POH-KIS Seinäjoki 11 Bjarne Wikström EX 1 NOM
2.11.2008 URK Kirkkonummi 11 Henry Hornell EX 1
6.12.2008 ISROK Kuopio 9 Alexander Platz EX 1 CAC NOM
7.12.2008 ISROK Kuopio 9 Pia Nyman EX 1 CAC
25.1.2009 SUROK Lahti 9 Steven L. Jones EX 1 CAC BIV CHAMPION
14.2.2009 KES-KIS Jyväskylä 7 Tellervo Kass EX 1 CACIB
15.2.2009 KES-KIS Jyväskylä 7 Elena Zagorskaya EX 1 CACIB
21.2.2009 FELIX Tallinn 7 T. Kass/H.Hornell EX 1 CACIB INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION
22.2.2009 FELIX Tallinn 5 Anne Paloluoma-Sundholm EX 1 CAGCIB
7.3.2009 POH-KIS Laihia 5 Karina Bjuran EX 1 CAGCIB BIV NOM
8.3.2009 POH-KIS Laihia 5 Geir Edvardsen EX 1 CAGCIB BIV
26.4.2009 RUROK Vantaa 5 Flavia Capra EX 1 CAGCIB
16.5.2009 PIROK Tampere 5 Charles Spijker EX 1 CAGCIB BIV
17.5.2009 PIROK Tampere 5 Eric Reijers EX 1 CAGCIB
27.6.2009 ISROK Siilinjärvi 5 Bjarne Wikström EX 1 CAGCIB
28.6.2009 ISROK Siilinjärvi 5 Robert Lubrano EX 1 CAGCIB GRAND INT. CHAMPION

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