FIN*Lirukallion Cuumaa tuhkaa & B-litter

We are a small cattery in Jyväskylä, Middle Finland. We have six Sacred Birmans. Three of them live with us and three with friends and family. We have five females (of which one is neutered) andone neutered male. All of our cats live as full family members and that's what the kittens are for us, too.

Our cattery name was registered in FIFé 6.9.2005. We got interested in breeding this wonderfull breed when we got our first Birman Elli. Elli seemed to become a finebreeding cat and because I had always dreamed of breeding it was rather easy to make the decision. Our first suggestion went through and we got the cattery nameFIN*Sydänyön. We chose this name because it's Finnish and beautiful and somehow connected to our taste of music and literature. Sydänyö means thedeepest darkest hour in the night. So, it really is a good name for us who love metal music and fantasy books.

When it comes to breeding we are still newbies. Our first litter was born in January 2007 and we have only had three litters so far. But we are not in a hurry. Our ideology isstill developing but it is clear that we want to breed healthy and friendly Sacred Birmans that look like Sacred Birmans. Our first breeding cat Elli has bloodgroup A but we won'tlimit our breeding to only cats with bloodgroup A. Bloodgroup B isn't a disease and the cats with bloodgroup B have genes that are just as valuable to our breed. All Birmancolors are in our breeding programme, at least for now. ;)

It's important for us that the cats that we have bred find good homes. They deserve a safe and happy life of an indoor cat. We are always ready to help out no matter what theproblem is, big or small. That's why it is important for us to develop our knowledge about cats and this breed. Our babies mean a lot to us, no matter how long since they movedto their new loving homes.

Our breeding cats are tested negative for FeLV and FIV.

We are members of Itä-Suomen Rotukissayhdistys ry ISROK, InCat Suomi ry and The Sacred Birmans in Finland ry.