PR&GIC FIN*Lirukallion Cuumaa tuhkaa


Nicknames: Elli, Kelli, Eltsu, Kellitys, Manipulaattori, Älskardej, Älskari
Sex: female
Race: Sacred Birman
Color: bluetortiepoint (SBI g)
Date of birth: 21.4.2005, Häijää
Breeder: Leena Vessman, Karkku
Sire: PR & CH FIN*Natalietten Benjamin, SBI c
Dam: CH FIN*Lirukallion Tilaustyö, SBI d
Bloodgroup A.
Elli is a chocolate carrier.

Elli has been six times in a show. Here are some things that judges have said about her.
Type: Very nice sized female.(LN) Harmonic, good proportions, teenager.(RS) Muscular, mid. boning.(AS) Good, solid, well muscled. But could be larger for age.(HH)
Head: Good shape, good profile.(LN) Good shape and length, good broadness, good profile. Medium broad undercheeks.(RS) Wedge, exc. scoopy profile, roman nose, full muzzle.(AS) Good in form, nice top, good profile, strong chin.(HH)
Eyes: A little roundish, OK in color.(LN) Feminin expression, a bit rounded. Clean colour.(RS) Oval, exc. coloured.(AS) Nice shape, ex colour.(HH)
Ears: Well set, could wish them smaller.(LN) Well set and size.(RS) Rounded tips, nicely set.(AS) Well placed.(HH)
Coat: Excellent texture. Nice pointcolor, a little low on front paws, good on back.(LN) Very good quality, nice pointcolour, bit weak whiteness.(RS) Single, seasonal, nicely groomed. Nice symmetrical socks, gloves could be more developed.(AS) Very nice tortie colour. Soft, silky texture, good contrasts.(HH)
Tail: Wish it longer.(LN) Good length.(RS) Good length.(HH)
Condition: Nice shown.(LN) Good condition.(RS) Well presented.(HH)
Overall impression: Strong body wise.(LN) Strong qualities, friendly. Beauty doll.(RS) Very sweet and lovely girl.(AS) Kind female.(HH)

Elli is our first Sacred Birman and our first cat, too. She is a really kind and nice cat, one that is always easy to handle. And I really mean always. She is simply so confident. In shows she is like at home: kind and relaxed. If she only had better gloves... But she has other strenghts, like her excellent profile and strong chin, that make her a good breeding female. And her temper is something unbelievable.

Elli is a rather quiet cat who loves sleeping. She likes to be alone but she also needs attention every day. She doesn't like to be left alone but for her it's enough to know that her own "slaves" can be reached quickly. Although Elli is really kind she knows how to get what she wants. Usually a cute look is enough. Who can resist those big blue eyes? She has many different looks: mean look (used in rare occasions), bored look, hurt look, "it wasn't me, it was Siru" -look, arrogant look, etc. She is just an unbelievable personality.

Elli has had two litters so far. We hope to get one more litter from her in the future but it can wait a little.

Thanks, Leena, for this little sweetheart!


PR & CH Natalietten Benjamin, SBI c
IP&GIC Jadinell Azio Zingaro, SBI b
CH Pirimirrin Dominica, SBI a
PR&EC Aman Tora Tora, SBI b 21
IC Sacresinh Blanche, SBI c
GIP&EC Jalinkas Finus, SBI c
EC Las Perlas-sin Ivy-Mae, SBI a 21
SunStar Magic Touch, SBI n
Rashyda Glorious Star, SBI a 21
Felonie Gaelic Hero, SBI a 21
Churston Beckas Song, SBI b
Las Perlas-sin Blue Homer, SBI a
Jalinkas Contessa, SBI b
Nicsha Champagne On Ice, SBI c
Las Perlas-sin Ychabelle, SBI a 21
CH Lirukallion Tilaustyö, SBI d
EC Zhamanen Diablo, SBI e
EC Zhamanen Kinley, SBI f
EC Sarika Lushan, SBI n
EC Chiritan Golden Princess, SBI f
EC Merissal Dante, SBI d
EC Chiritan Merremia aurea, SBI n
Sarika Choc Pop, SBI b 21
Sarika Blu Nikita, SBI a
Kitta Mun-Has Zorro, SBI n
Eklundens Princesse, SBI e
Chandigarh's Only You, SBI n
Eklundens Jaqueline, SBI f
Tebasiles Pongo, SBI b
Chiritan Epipactis royleana, SBI f


Date Organisation Place Class Judge Result
4.12.2005 PIROK Tampere 11 Lena Nordström EX 3
4.3.2006 POH-KIS Seinäjoki 9 Raymond Saetre EX 1 CAC
5.3.2006 POH-KIS Seinäjoki 9 Henry Hornell EX 1 CAC
30.7.2006 SUROK Helsinki 9 Alexey Shchukin EX 1 CAC CHAMPION
15.9.2007 ISROK Kuopio 7 Kristiina Rautio EX 1 CACIB
16.9.2007 ISROK Kuopio 7 Henry Hornell EX 1 CACIB
21.2.2009 FELIX Tallinn 7 Elena Zagorskaya EX 1 CACIB
22.2.2009 FELIX Tallinna 5 Tellervo Kass EX 1 CAGCIB
27.6.2009 ISROK Siilinjärvi 5 Albert Kurkowski EX 1 CAGCIB NOM
28.6.2009 ISROK Siilinjärvi 5 Sebastian Pruchniak EX 1 CAGCIB
30.8.2009 KES-KIS Jyväskylä 5 Bjarne Wikström EX 1 CAGCIB
26.9.2009 PIROK Tampere 5 Hannah Jensen EX 1 CAGCIB
14.11.2009 ISROK Kuopio 5 Henry Hornell EX 1 CAGCIB
15.11.2009 ISROK Kuopio 5 Martin Sanda EX 1 CAGCIB
13.12.2009 POH-KIS Laihia 5 Bjarne Wikström EX 1 CAGCIB GRAND INT. CHAMPION
13.12.2009 POH-KIS Laihia 5 Bjarne Wikström EX 1 CAGCIB GRAND INT. CHAMPION
18.1.2012 KES-KIS Jyväskylä 10 Geir Edvardsen EX 1 CAP
19.2.2012 KES-KIS Jyväskylä 10 Anette Engvall EX 1 CAP
19.5.2012 PIROK Tampere 10 Pia Nyman EX 1 CAP PREMIER
16.6.2012 KES-KIS Hankasalmi 8 - -
17.6.2012 KES-KIS Hankasalmi 8 - -

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