CH FIN*Zaraxe Aoife Enya


Nicknames: Iida, Iita, Iidaliina, Pipana
Sex: female
Race: Sacred Birman
Color: chocolatetabbypoint (SBI b 21)
Date of birth: 16.4.2008, Belgium
Breeder: Saara Kirves, Belgium
Sire: GIC Envy Favori d'Oriana, SBI b
Dam: IC Ulysses van Thymar, SBI c 21

Bloodgroup: A
FeLV- and FIV-negative (5.11.2008)
Iida is a dilute carrier.

Iida has been five times in a cat show. Here are some judges opinions about her.
Type: Ex developed and built teenager, ex muscled legs.(VRR) Ex developed young lady, ex boning.(AP) Well framed girl, exc. developed body for age. Medium strong legs.(CS) Ex size and proportions, ok boning.(UO) Good looking girl.(SB)
Head: Sweet SBI expression, ex profile, chin could be stronger. (VRR) Ex rounded head, ex profile, very good chin.(AP) Nice shape, profile OK, a bit flat on forehead.(CS) Under development, a bit narrow. Weak chin, ok profile.(UO) Exc dip, chin rather weak.(SB)
Eyes: Ex size, set, colour. (VRR) Ex form and colour.(AP) Large and expressive, exc. blue colour.(CS) Ex shape and colour.(UO) Exc size/shape.(SB)
Ears: Well in size, shape, set. (VRR) A bit big, ex placed.(AP) Large, well set apart.(CS) A bit high set. Ok size.(UO) Exc placement, wish them a little shorter.(SB)
Coat: Ex quality, nice contrast between points and bodycolour, symmetrical gloves on all legs, not symmetrical gauntlets. (VRR) Ex texture, ex colour. Ex symmetry in front gloves, very good on back.(AP) Needs more time to develop the length, exc. presented.(CS) Ex quality. Ex length. Ok colour. Slightly uneven on hind feet, ex on front.(UO) Lovely silky coat. Exc choctabbypoints. The other gauntlet a little low.(SB)
Tail: Ex length and feathershape. (VRR) Ex length, ex plume.(AP) Exc. plume.(CS) Ex.(UO) Plumed, medium length.(SB)
Condition: Ex. (VRR) Super show condition.(AP) Exc. condition.(CS) Super!(UO) Superb! (My compliments.)(SB)
Overall impression: Sweet teenager. (VRR) Ex prepared, ex charming girl, very promising.(AP) Sweet and relaxed girl.(CS) Sweet talking girl.(UO) Gorgeous temperament. Very pretty indeed.(SB)

Iida came to us from Belgium. Her breeder is Saara Kirves, a friend of mine. Iida is a beautiful strong built young female who has a lovely character. Iida has pretty blue eyes, excellent points for a young chocolatetabby and an amazing coat. Iida is rather big and heavy, too. She loves to take a nap somewhere quiet but she also loves to play with other cats or our dog or even with us. ;) She has a funny voice which she uses when necessary.

Iida represents new lines for us and we are hoping to get some kittens after her. She isn't really a show cat cause her other gauntlet is a little low but I think she has a lot to offer as a breeding queen. Especially those unbelievable eyes and the coat, points and texture. She is a wonderful cat who is everybody's friend. She wants to be friend with kittens and with the dog. Siru is her idol, she always talks to Siru and tries to make friends with her. But Siru is a cool cat which makes it a little difficult. Which on the other hand is exactly the reason why Iida wants to be good friends with her. Iida wants to be cool, too.

Thanks Saara for this lovely lady!


GIC Envy Favori D'Oriana, SBI b
IC Tolmie Mon Amigo, SBI n
Aisha Shahnaz fan de Wãldpoel, SBI n
GC Badarene Cream of Tartar, SBI e
CH Tolmie Miz Mischief, SBI n
CH Mahazedi's Nadjah Navarre, SBI b
Quinty fan de Wãldpoel, SBI n
CH Adjvelo Kaha, SBI b
CH Enfelde Tortie Spice, SBI g
GC SunStar Monsoon, SBI n
Cataphorie Misty Blue, SBI n
Mahazedi's Lilac Fuchur, SBI c 21
GIC Sarika Fiasco, SBI h
CH Sma-Troll's Simon, SBI n
Arjette van de Moeny's, SBI a
IC Ulysses van Thymar, SBI c 21
EC Shakandah Romeo, SBI a
GEC Joëlle Aloria Donkersnoet, SBI c 21
CH Shakandah Thunda Downunda, SBI n
CH Shiki Summer Blossom, SBI a 21
IC Kalypso von der Katzenfreiheit, SBI a
EC Floriana Polgara Donkersnoet, SBI c 21
Gr.Ch. SunStar Monsoon, SBI n
Rathmore Jasmina Blue, SBI a
Db.Gr.Ch. Salcora Shere Khan Gold, SBI n 21
Shiki Miranda, SBI b
GIC Chittagong's Totem, SBI c
CH Kosel von der Katzenfreiheit, SBI a
GIC Belgarion Donkersnoet, SBI a 21
CH Eclipse of Guerdy's Own, SBI n


Date Organisation Place Class Judge Result
2.11.2008 URK Kirkkonummi 11 Vesna Riznar-Resetic EX 1
6.12.2008 ISROK Kuopio 11 Alexander Platz EX 1
7.12.2008 ISROK Kuopio 11 Charles Spijker EX 1
7.3.2009 POH-KIS Laihia 9 Ulrika Olsson EX 1 CAC
8.3.2009 POH-KIS Laihia 9 Stephe Bruin EX 1 CAC
14.2.2010 KES-KIS Jyväskylä 9 Grazyna Laskowska-Malaga EX 1 CAC BIV CHAMPION

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