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Lirukallion cattery  Homepage of Elli's breeder

Aryan cattery  Here you can find Elli's father Natalietten Benjamin

Mototassun cattery  Elli's mother Siiri and her family

Tupuliinin cattery (SBI & NFO)   Elli's halfsister Venla and friends

Tärn cattery  Monni's new home

Kalle and Kössi  Nuppu's father Kalle and his friends

Latifah's cattery from Joensuu

Harebell cattery  Ansku's and Aapeli's father Bosse

Vipeltäjän cattery  Nuppu's half sister Monza

Isilwen's cattery

Unisukan cattery

Sacred Birmans in Finland

Sacred Birmans in Sweden

Other catsites:

Suomen Kissaliitto

Itä-Suomen Rotukissayhdistys

InCat Suomi ry

Heikki Siltala's gallery

Pawpeds database (This link opens directly the search page of the Sacred Birman datapage)

Links to sites where you can discuss about cats (and other animals):

InCat ry forum

Gallery of pets

Discussions and more

Discussions and information

Swedish catforum