24.9.2014 Kittens 6 weeks old and all reserved. New plans starting to form. Maybe.

18.9.2014 Kittens are now 5 weeks old and they all might have found their future homes. New pictures on Kittens page!

20.8.2014 We have kittens! Pipari got three beautiful girls, check out their pictures and information on Kittens-page!

11.6.2012 H-litter 7 weeks old! Time is running so fast! New pictures of our babies on kittens page!

25.5.2012 H-kittens are five weeks old! Girls and the sealpoint boy are reserved but Touho (bluepoint male) is looking for a new home! If you areinterested in him please contact us!
Some show news from Tampere, PIROK international cat show: Elli became Premier! Roni got his second CAPIB! Elli charmed with her polite behaviour, ourprecious lady!

18.5.2012 H-kittens are four weeks old! The sealpoint girl is reserved and someone has shown interest in the sealpoint boy, too. New pictures of our gorgeous,gorgeous babies on kittens page!

10.5.2012 H-kittens are now three weeks old! New pictures and information about the little ones on kittens page!
Pipari has moved to her new home! She's living happily with another Birman lady and she has already taken part into her first show! She got EX 1 and wasbehaving so well!

24.4.2012 GIC Lirukallion Cuumaa tuhkaa aka Elli became 7 years old on 21st April! And Iida, CH Zaraxe Aoife Enya, had her fourth birthday on 16th April! Congrats ladies!
H-kittens are now 5 days old. First individual pictures of them on Kittens page.

19.4.2012 Sydänyön H-kittens are here! Oona gave birth to four cute kittens last night! First picture of them on Kittens page.

17.4.2012 Only few days left and then Oona will have her kittens! Go to 'Plans' to see a picture of her lovely growing tummy!
New pictures of Pipari on Kittens page.

21.3.2012 Oona is pregnant! Kittens are expected to be born around 20th April! So exciting!
Pipari is already a big baby girl! We've been so busy these last weeks that we haven't had the time to take a lot of pictures of her. I promise we'll take somesoon! ;)

19.2.2012 Nuppu's little girl Pipari is already 11 weeks old! Pictures of Pipari can be seen on Kittens page.
Elli was in KES-KIS show this weekend and got 2 x CAP as result! The judges liked her pretty much so it's nice to continue her show career.

15.11.2011 Exciting times! Nuppu will have her second litter around 30th November!

1.10.2011 Nuppu has been mated! She met the gorgeous Spanish male Manu and hopefully we will have kittens within two months!

4.6.2011 Unfortunately Elli lost her kittens and we won't be having kittens this summer. Elli will be neutered next week and she's doing just fine whichis of course most important to us. Now we are planning to get kittens after Oona or Nuppu/Ansku later this year.

30.4.2011 Our lovely birman ladies have had their birthdays, so, congrats Elli (6 years April 21st), Iida (3 years April 16th), Nuppu (4 years January 3rd),Ansku (3 years February 1st) and Misti (2 years December 15th)!
We are expecting kittens in June! Elli will have her last litter. This means that if you want a kitten after her you'd better hurry. ;)
Misti's kitten Lenni has been living in his new home quite a while already. Unfortunately a bad infection took the others but Lenni was strong enoughto survive and grow big and handsome. We are very grateful of him. And the fact that there's nothing wrong with our beautiful Misti!

29.11.2010 Misti gave birth to four kittens yesterday, 28th Novermber 2010! Unfortunately the last one, a little male, was dead but we are very happy aboutthe three babies that are doing so well!

19.11.2010 Only week and a couple of days to go and then Misti should have her kittens! She has gained weight about 1 kilo, so we believeshe'll get at least 2 kittens.

23.10.2010 Misti is pregnant! Sydänyön F-litter will be born around 29th November!
Sydänyön F-litter 1 year on 21st October! Congratulations!

2.6.2010 Siru had her birthday yesterday, 5 years! Congratulations!
Show news from Tampere 16.5.: We had quite a nice day in Tampere in the Birman Special and in PIROK Int. Cat Show. In the Birman SpecialElli, Ansku and Ossi became third in their groups and Remu got the special price for most lustrous eyes! In PIROK show Ansku got her firstCACS, Remu was EX 1 in class 11, Oona got her first CAC and our young male Ossi got also his first CAC but was also BIV (out of four choctabbies)and NOM! It was even nice to see Onni and Otto there, both behaved themselves so well, we were so proud of all of them!

21.4.2010 Elli has today her birthday, 5 years today! Congratulations!

19.4.2010 Iida had her birthday on 16th April, she is 2 years now! Congrats!

29.3.2010 Show news from Turku: Remu was EX 1 and NOM on Saturday and EX 1 on Sunday. Judges liked especially he's boning and type.

23.3.2010 Riku and Remu have moved to their new homes, Rane stays with us still. Roni is still looking for home!

6.2.2010 New pictures of our C-litter on Litters-page!

4.2.2010 Links updated.

1.2.2010 Our B-litter today 2 years old! Congrats Allu, Aapeli and Ansku!
New pictures of our kittens as 14 weeks old. Riku has already moved to his new home.

21.1.2010 Kittens 13 weeks old! New pictures.

15.1.2010 New pictures of our 12 weeks old kittens!

6.1.2010 Our E-boys 11 weeks old, new pictures of our beautiful boys! Tomorrow they will get their first vaccination.

3.1.2010 Sydänyön A-litter 3 years todya! Congrats!
New pictures of our kittens.

16.12.2009 Kittens 8 weeks old, new pictures! Also the front page has become a new photo. ;)

15.12.2009 Sydänyön C-litter today 1 year old! Congrats!
New plans for year 2010!

6.12.2009 Kittens 6 weeks old, new pictures of them!

18.11.2009 Kittens 4 weeks old! New pictures!
Show news from Kuopio: Nuppu became GIC on Sunday! Elli got her 6th and 7th CAGCIB, Ossi and Oona were EX 1 and Misti won two competitors both days and got her 1st and 2nd CAC and was NOM on Saturday and BIV on Sunday!

12.11.2009 Kittens 3 weeks old! New pictures!

10.11.2009 Pictures of our kittens 2 weeks old!

28.10.2009 Kittens 1 week old! Pictures!

23.10.2009 Ansku's kittens were born on October 21st! Four beautiful male kittens!

18.10.2009 Ossi and Oona have moved to theit new loving homes! Otto is reserved and Onni is the only one still looking for home. Cats-page and Litters-page have been updated.

28.9.2009 New pictures of our 11 weeks old kittens!
Show news: Elli got her fifth GAGCIB!

22.9.2009 Kittens 10 weeks old! New pictures!

15.9.2009 New pictures of our 9 weeks old kittens!

10.9.2009 Ansku is pregnant! E-litter is expected to be born on 23.10.2009!
New pictures of our 8 weeks old kittens!

31.8.2009 New pictures of our 7 weeks old kittens!
Show news: Elli and Nuppu both got their CAGCIB and Misti was EX 1!

22.8.2009 Kittens 6 weeks! New pictures!
New pictures of Elli and Nuppu on Cats-page! Plans updated.

15.8.2009 New pictures of our 5 weeks old kittens!

8.8.2009 Kittens 4 weeks old! New pictures!
Elli will be seen on PIROK Int. Cat Show in Tampere on Saturday!

1.8.2009 Kittens 3 weeks old. New pictures!

25.7.2009 Kittens 2 weeks old. New pictures!

22.7.2009 Kittens 11 days old. New pictures!

19.7.2009 New photos of the kittens!

13.7.2009 Kittens have got names now! The names and pictures you'll see on kittens -page!

12.7.2009 Iida gave birth to four beautiful birman kittens yesterday, two days earlier than expected. Picture and more information on Kittens-page.

2.7.2009 Only 11 days left and the kittens are expected to be born! New picture of Iida on plans -page!

28.6.2009 Show news: Saturday, Ansku and Nuppu CAGCIB, Aapeli CACIB and BIV, Misti EX 1 and BIV. Elli surprised us totally: CAGCIB and NOM! And she even got one vote! Elli was also best breeding queen in category II!
Sunday: The ladies got their certificates and Misti was EX 1. So, Ansku is now Grand International Champion!

5.6.2009 Third try and now Iida seems to be pregnant! We are expecting little birmans on July!

2.6.2009 Siru 4 years yesterday! New picture of our gorgeous lady on her own page.

21.5.2009 Show news: Ansku got her certificates both days in Tampere (class 5) and was BIV on Saturday. Misti was EX 1 and lost in nominations because she has so little whiteon her front feet. But her amazing character and pretty looks got her a lot of attention. :)

8.5.2009 Links-page updated. Also Ansku's and Misti's pages are updated: the judges have been added to their show list.

27.4.2009 Show news: Ansku got CAGCIB and Misti was EX 1. I was really pleased with Misti's behaviour: she was the same lovable purring kitten all day in Vantaa!

21.4.2009 Elli 4 years old today! New picture of our queen on Cats -page.

17.4.2009 Plans updated. New picture on Cats -page of our pretty Iida who had her birthday yesterday!

25.3.2009 Monni and Mysse have moved to their new loving homes. Misti is still a few days with us. :)
Plans updated.

12.3.2009 New kitten pictures!

9.3.2009 Show news: Iida got two CAC-certificates in Laihia, Ansku got two CAGCIB-certificates and was BIV on both days and even NOM on Saturday!
New pictures of our kittens, more coming soon.

23.2.2009 Show news: Ansku got two CACIB-certificates in Jyväskylä and she became IC last weekend in Tallinn! Also Elli became IC in Tallinn!
Kittens 10 weeks old. New pictures of them. All of them are now reserved.

10.2.2009 Kittens 8 weeks old already! New cute pictures of them and also new pictures of Allu and Aapeli on Litters-page. Anskus picture will be added soon.

2.2.2009 Our B-litter had its birthday yesterday! Congratulations 1 year old Ansku, Aapeli and Allu!
C-kittens now 7 weeks old, new pictures.

28.1.2009 Kittens 6 weeks old! New pictures. Show plans updated, too.

26.1.2009 Ansku and Aapeli are now Champions! They both got their third sertificate from Lahti Int. Cat Show on 25 January and they both were BIV!

19.1.2009 New kitten pictures! They are unbelievably cute! :) Also new pictures of Nuppu and Iida.

12.1.2009 Kittens are now 4 weeks old! New pictures. Now we also know which colour they are.

4.1.2009 Our A-litter had it's second birthday yesterday! Congratulations Nella, Nuppu and Nuutti! New pictures of Nuppu's babies.

23.12.2008 New pictures of our beautiful babies.

17.12.2008 New pictures on kittens. We have given them names, too.

16.12.2008 Kittens are here! Nuppu had some problems, I guess because the kittens were quite big. But after the operation the whole family is doing fine at the moment.

10.12.2008 Pages now also in English!