GIC FIN*Sydänyön Arvokkain Aarre

Nicknames: Nuppu, Nuppunen, Nobo, Nubu, Noob, Formula, Tupsu, Nupsu, Tuppu, Huppu, Tuppurainen
Sex: female
Race: Sacred Birman
Color: bluepoint (SBI a)
Date of birth: 3.1.2007, Joensuu
Breeder: FIN*Sydänyön
Sire: GIC FIN*Tärn Kippari-Kalle, SBI a
Dam: GIC FIN*Lirukallion Cuumaa tuhkaa, SBI g
Bloodgroup A
FeLV- and FIV-negative. (21.4.2008)

Pictures of Nuppu.

Nuppu has been seventeen times in a show. Here are some things that judges have said about her.
Type: Well developed baby, harmonic.(MC) Promising young female, nice body and bonestructure.(LL) Ex medium large, heavy, well muscled girl, harmonious legs.(DF) Super body type, strong and well developed.(AV) Nice proportions, not big, still needs more time to finish development.(AS) Medium size, promising balance, ex musculature.(FC) Exc. body development for age, exc. size and boning.(CS) Medium size, strong boning, ex proportions.(IS)
Head: Nice typical SBI profile, correct line forehead.(MC) Lovely sweet expression, fine profile, forehead and top. Fine chin for age.(LL) Ex short and broad, ex perfect SBI profile, ex chin, ex rounded forehead and skull.(DF) Ex profile, ex chin, nicely rounded.(AV) Wedge, wide with a nice full muzzle, scoopy profile.(AS) Attractive shape, exc. profile and forehead, well developed chin.(CS)
Eyes: Open rounded, a bit pale colour.(MC) Good expression, size, shape. Colour coming nicely.(LL) Ex in shape and set. Medium blue.(DF) Ex colour, very nice shape.(SL) Oval, nicely coloured eyes.(AS) Exc. size and expression. Nice blue colour.(CS)
Ears: Large at basis, set well.(MC) Small and well placed.(LL) Ex in size, shape and set.(DF) Medium large ears, follow the wedge.(AS) Set with good width apart, size matches the head.(CS)
Coat: Nice contrast colour on body, correct gloves.(MC) Ex texture, ex body and pointcolour, fine gloves, ex spures.(AV) Ex texture, ex colours. Even gloves and gauntlets.(SL) Nice symmetry.(AS) Ex length, ex texture, ex colour. Gloves and gauntlets are a bit uneven.(FC)
Tail: Harmonic and correct.(MC) Nice length and shape.(LL) Ex length and shape.(FC)
Condition: Ex well fed, ex well prepared.(DF) Nice condition, well groomed.(FC) Exc. condition.(CS) Ex show.(MV)
Overall impression: Promising baby.(MC) Lovely and sweet.(LL) Very friendly, very promising.(DF) Super presentation.(AV) Calm, nice young lady.(SL) Girl got a temper.(AS) Sweet temper.(FC) Attractive young girl with an "attitude".(CS) A bit nervous.(HGS) Ex presentation.(MV) Well balanced, nice girl.(IS)

Nuppu is from our first litter. We had decided to keep one girl from this litter and we chose Nuppu because she had such a beautiful head shape. She is a more active cat than her mother. Nuppu likes to play and to be around people. She needs to have something to do. Like her mother she knows how to get our attention. She knows how to use her voice.

Nuppu is a rather small female but she has a beautiful type and a lovely head shape. Her ears are rather small and she has excellent points. Her face is really cute although she could have better eye colour. She has had one litter and she was an amazing mother. Since the day our B-litter was born Nuppu wanted to have kittens on her own and when she finally did she took so good care of them. She is born to be mom. :)

This little sweetie has won our hearts totally. She may sometimes do things she's not supposed to do but one just has to forgive her. Our princess (and my dad's favourite).


GIC Tärn Kippari-Kalle, SBI a
IC Ramus Acernus Kabongo, SBI n 21
EC Fredrikakattens Blue Jasmin, SBI a
Rallarrosens Tathi, SBI n 21
Ramus Acernus Skattefria Fia, SBI a
Citizen's Blue Angus, SBI a
Fredrikakattens Albertina, SBI n
CH Ramus Acernus Kent-Åke, SBI n 21
PR & CH Rallarrosen's My Dreams, SBI f
EC Ramus Acernus Amat Librius, SBI n
Acina, SBI a
Citizen's Lord Laddie, SBI a
Citizen's Ninja Ninoutchka, SBI n
EC Citizen's Alessi, SBI n
Myggvallens Zamora, SBI a
GIC Lirukallion Cuumaa tuhkaa, SBI g
PR & CH Natalietten Benjamin, SBI c
CH Lirukallion Tilaustyö, SBI d
GIC & IP Jadinell Azio Zingaro, SBI b
Pirimirrin Dominica, SBI a
EC Zhamanen Diablo, SBI e
EC Zhamanen Kinley, SBI f
EC & PR Aman Tora Tora, SBI b 21
IC Sacresinh Blanche, SBI c
GIC & EP Jalinkas Finus, SBI c
EC Las Perlas-sin Ivy Mae, SBI a 21
EC Sarika Lushan, SBI n
EC Chiritan Golden Princess DM, SBI f
GIC Merissal Dante, SBI d
EC Chiritan Merremia Aurea DM, SBI n


Date Organisation Place Class Judge Result
5.5.2007 ISROK Kuopio 12 Bjarne Wikström EX 1
6.5.2007 ISROK Kuopio 12 Marek Chadaj EX 1
19.5.2007 PIROK Tampere 12 Lone Lund EX 1 NOM (TOP3)
1.7.2007 KES-KIS Jyväskylä 12 Dieter Filler EX 1
25.8.2007 RUROK Vantaa 11 Anne Veland EX 1
26.8.2007 RUROK Vantaa 11 Tellervo Kass EX 1
15.9.2007 ISROK Kuopio 11 Sirpa Lindelöf EX 1
16.9.2007 ISROK Kuopio 11 Helene Reiter EX 1
16.2.2008 KES-KIS Jyväskylä 9 Elena Zagorskaya EX 1 CAC
17.2.2008 KES-KIS Jyväskylä 9 Alexey Shchukin EX 1 CAC
2.3.2008 URK Kirkkonummi 9 Fabrice Calmés EX 1 CAC CHAMPION
12.4.2008 POH-KIS Vaasa 7 Charles Spijker EX 1 CACIB
13.4.2008 POH-KIS Vaasa 7 Anne Paloluoma-Sundholm EX 1 CACIB
10.5.2008 FELIX Tallinn 7 Heinz Günter Scholer EX 1 CACIB INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION
11.5.2008 FELIX Tallinn 5 Marina Vinkel EX 1 CAGCIB
6.9.2008 POH-KIS Seinäjoki 5 Tellervo Kass EX 1 CAGCIB
7.9.2008 POH-KIS Seinäjoki 5 Inna Shustrova EX 1 CAGCIB
27.6.2009 ISROK Siilinjärvi 5 Charles Spijker EX 1 CAGCIB
28.6.2009 ISROK Siilinjärvi 5 Kristiina Rautio EX 1 CAGCIB GRAND INT. CHAMPION

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