FIN*Sydänyön Demonized


Nicknames: Oona
Sex: female
Race: Sacred Birman
Color: chocolatetabbypoint (SBI b 21)
Date of birth: 11.7.2009, Joensuu
Breeder: FIN*Sydänyön
Sire: CH FIN*Sydänyön BombHasBeenPlanted, SBI b
Dam: CH FIN*Zaraxe Aoife Enya, SBI b 21
Blood group A
Oona lives with Marjo in Joensuu.

Oona is a Sydänyön cat in second generation. Her father is our own Aapeli and mother is Iida who moved to us from Belgium. Oona as the only girl in our D-litter stayed in our breeding programm and will hopefully get one Sydänyön litter. After that she might well become the first breeding queen of a new cattery. Big plans for our little girl. :)

Oona was from the beginning the teddy bear in this litter. She has nice width in her head, nicely set ears and beautiful shape of the eyes that have promising colour. Oona has excellent type, she has a strong body for a female kitten and she has been all the time almost as big as her brothers. And like her brothers she too has a well developed mask.

Oona is an active young lady. She loves to play but also to be around people. She also knows how to get attention. She sure tells you if she wants something. She has quite nice gloves and gauntlets, so she will hopefully have some nice show career in front of her. She is also a big female for her age, weighted 2,8 kilos as 5 months old.

Oona lives with Marjo and another Birman Kiivi in Joensuu.


CH Sydänyön BombHasBeenPlanted, SBI b
SC MeToYou Boss, SBI n
IC Lirukallion Cuumaa tuhkaa, SBI g
EC Harebell Bryan, SBI a
Stendalens Cola, SBI b
PR&CH Natalietten Benjamin, SBI c
CH Lirukallion TilaustyŲ, SBI d
EP&EC Varicella's Blue Tissue, SBI a
EP&EC Fredrikakattens Kim, SBI a
Kattapulten'z Enzo, SBI c 21
Raus Höjden's Gaia, SBI n
IP&GIC Jadinell Azio Zingaro, SBI b
CH Pirimirrin Dominica, SBI a
EC Zhamanen Diablo, SBI e
EC Zhamanen Kinley, SBI f
Zaraxe Aoife Enya, SBI b 21
GIC Envy Favori D'Oriana, SBI b
IC Ulysses van Thymar, SBI c 21
IC Tolmie Mon Amigo, SBI n
Aisha Shahnaz fan de W‚ldpoel, SBI n
EC Shakandah Blue Romeo, SBI a
GEC Joëlla Aloria Donkersnoet, SBI c 21
GC Badarene Cream of Tartar, SBI e
CH Tolmie Miz Mischief, SBI n
CH Mahazedi's Nadjah Navarre, SBI b
Quinty fan de W‚ldpoel, SBI n
GR CH Shakandah Thunda Downunda, SBI n
CH Shiki Summer Blossom, SBI a 21
IC Kalypso v.d. Katzenfreiheit, SBI a
EC Florianna Polgara Donkersnoet, SBI c 21


Date Organisation Place Class Judge Result
14.11.2009 ISROK Kuopio 12 Henry Hornell EX 1
15.11.2009 ISROK Kuopio 12 Charles Spijker EX 1
12.12.2009 SRK/Voittaja Laihia 12 Tellervo Kass EX 1
13.12.2009 POH-KIS Laihia 12 Kristiina Rautio EX 1 NOM
14.2.2010 KES-KIS Jyväskylä 11 Grazyna Laskowska-Malaga EX 1
16.5.2010 PIROK Tampere 9 - -

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