FI*Sydänyön Gut Gelungene


>Nickname: Pipari
Sex: female
Race: Sacred Birman
Color: bluepoint (SBI a)
Born: 3.12.2011, Jyväskylä
Breeder: FI*Sydänyön
Sire;: GIC Blue Heaven Sunny Queen *ES, SBI a
Dam: GIC FIN*Sydänyön Arvokkain Aarre, SBI a
Bloodgroup will be tested later.
Pipari lives with Julianna in Jyväskylä.

Pipari is the only kitten from Nuppu's second litter. This little beauty after the lovely Manu and our own gorgeous tiny Nuppu stayed within our breeding programme, there was no question about it. Pipari has got something nice from both of her parents. Most of all she has excellent coat quality and strong points, just like her mother.

Pipari is a very active young cat who wants to be always in the middle of everything. At least almost... She has quite good gloves and gauntlets so she will be seen in some cat shows in the future. We hope that Pipari will have her own kittens some day. But what's definitely sure already is that she will bring so much joy to her new home and for us, too! She's such a lovely cat.


GIC Blue Heaven Sunny Queen, SBI a
GIC Hero-Diamo von Imporio, SBI c
IC Belga de la Brunerie, SBI a 21
EC Tiny Icebear de la Bonita, SBI c 21
IC Gabbana von Imporio, SBI n
IC Wagner d'Avillon, SBI a
IC Utara de la Brunerie, SBI a 21
CGI Las Perlas-sin Pink Icebear,c 21
CH Momo vom Dornbusch, n
Buddy von der Bergtrasse, a
CH Jamie-Lee vom Jackpot, f
EC Scoubidou d'Avillon, a
Q'Cloe de Mythecla, n
IC O'Malley de Saya San, a 21
Morgane de Katha, a
GIC Sydänyön Arvokkain Aarre, SBI a
GIC Tärn Kippari-Kalle, SBI a
GIC Lirukallion Cuumaa tuhkaa, SBI g
Ramus Acernus Kabongo, SBI n 21
Fredrikakattens Blue Jasmin, SBI a
CH Natalietten Benjamin, SBI c
CH Lirukallion Tilaustyö, SBI d
Rallarrosen's Tathi, n 21
Ramus Acernus Skattefria Fia, a
EC Citizen's Blue Angus, a
EC Fredrikakattens Albertina, n
IP&GIC Jadinell Azio Zingaro, b
CH Pirimirrin Dominica, a
EC Zhamanen Diablo, e
EC Zhamanen Kinley, f


Date Organisation Place Class Judge Result
6.5.2012 POH-KIS Vaasa 12 Lene Glem EX 1

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