FIN*Sydänyön En Mie Vuan Tiiä


Nicknames: Remu, Remy, Seppo, Sepi
Sex: male
Race: Sacred Birman
Color: chocolatepoint (SBI b)
Date of birth: 21.10.2009, Joensuu
Breeder: FIN*Sydänyön
Sire: CH FIN*Pässinpään Andy Catt, SBI b
Dam: GIC FIN*Sydänyön Basecamper, SBI c

Bloodgroup: A
Remu is a dilute carrier.

Remu lives in Joensuu with Elina and Mikko and their ragdoll Eelis.

Pictures of Remu

Remu has started his show career. This is what the judges have said about him:
Type: Well developed, strong kitten, well balanced.(MR) Excellent solid well built body, good boned.(HH)
Head: Bit long, nice profile.(MR) Profile a little straight, wedge formed. Strong chin.(HH)
Eyes: Oval, medium blue.(MR) Colour could be darker, nice shape.(HH)
Ears: Medium size, well set.(MR) Good size and place.(HH)
Coat: Babycoat, points not finished, symmetrical handshoes and gauntlets.(MR) Gloves and gauntlets ok. Soft silky texture. Nice contrasts.(HH)
Tail: Medium length.(MR) Good length.(HH)
Condition: Excellent.(MR) Well presented.(HH)
Overall impression: Promising boy.(MR) Sweet kitten.(HH)

Remu is from Ansku's first litter. He has three brothers, this chocolate quartet was born on 21st October 2009 and there was no doubt they were all males: they had such balls already. :D So, I didn't get a girl after Ansku yet but I got four most lovely boys. I had a hard time choosing which boy would stay in our breeding programm and finally I chose Remu, the biggest and darkest one.

Remu is a big and strong kitten. He has strong legs and big paws and he feels really strong like his brothers, too (except Rane), and he has nice width in his body. He has good gloves and gauntlets, well set ears and lovely coat quality. His eyes have nice shape but the colour could be darker. Also the forehead could be better but he has a nice strong chin. And his character is absolutely fantastic: he's relaxed and easy going little (just and just) fellow that loves to purr, even in shows. Remu doesn't like to be washed and dryed but he forgives even that very fast and start purring again.

Remu is a sweet male that will hopefully get some offspring when he grows up.


CH Pässinpään Andy Catt, SBI b
GIC Touchant Cadeau d'Amour, SBI n
Maskrosen's Cassandra, SBI n
EC Scoubidou d'Avillon, SBI a
GIP Touchant Amour, SBI n
Kvarnlins Rabalder, SBI n
CH Elsa, SBI c
Eschwin of Guerdy's Own, SBI n
IC Cyrielle's Eliza, SBI a 21
EC Fol Amour de la Perle d'Or DM, SBI n
EC Doodlebung Xiang Zui Méili, SBI n
Trollehöjds Aeke, SBI n
Franklin's Corona, SBI c
Hammardalens Hjalmar, SBI n
RausHöjdens Tiffany, SBI b
GIC Sydänyön Basecamper, SBI c
SC MeToYou Boss, SBI n
GIC Lirukallion Cuumaa tuhkaa, SBI g
EC Harebell Bryan, SBI a
GIC Stendalens Cola, SBI b
PR&CH Natalietten Benjamin, SBI c
CH Lirukallion Tilaustyö, SBI d
EP&EC Varicella's Blue Tissue, SBI a
EP&EC Fredrikakatten's Kim, SBI a
Kattapulten's Enzo, SBI c 21
RausHöjden's Gaia, SBI n
IP&GIC Jadinell Azio Zingaro, SBI b
CH Pirimirrin Dominica, SBI a
EC Zhamanen Diablo, SBI e
EC Zhamanen Kinley, SBI f


Date Organisation Place Class Judge Result
14.2.2010 KES-KIS Jyväskylä 12 Marie Rihova EX 1
6.3.2010 POH-KIS Seinäjoki 12 Henry Hornell EX 1
27.3.2010 TUROK Turku 12 Aase Nissen EX 1 NOM
28.3.2010 TUROK Turku 12 Michael Edström EX 1
16.5.2010 PIROK Tampere 11 - -

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