PR FIN*Sydänyön En Muute Ollu Mie


Nicknames: Roni, Rontsu
Sex: neutered male
Race: Sacred Birman
Color: chocolatepoint (SBI b)
Born: 21.10.2009, Joensuu
Breeder: FIN*Sydänyön
Sire: CH FIN*Pässinpään Andy Catt, SBI b
Dam: GIC FIN*Sydänyön Basecamper, SBI c
Bloodgroup: A

Roni was supposed to move to a number of places but something always came up. After all it wasn't a hard decision to keep him at home with us because he went so well along with our other cats. This big and charming cat is the kind of a neutered male one should have. Gentle and kind and nice to look at. ;)

Roni has stolen many hearts already with his lovely temper and looks. He is nice to take with to cat shows and he comes along with everybody. Roni loves dogs (just like his mother) and our dog Hilla and my mother's dog Nekku get all the love they need from him. Sometimes even more. Roni is a quiet cat but he likes to play and to get his part of affection every day. Many have said that they would want to have a Sacred Birman just like Roni. I can see why.


CH Pässinpään Andy Catt, SBI b
PR&GIC Touchant Cadeau d'Amour, SBI n
Maskrosen's Cassandra, SBI n
EC Scoubidou d'Avillon, SBI a
SP Touchant Amour, SBI n
Kvarnlins Rabalder, SBI n
CH Elsa, SBI c
Eschwin of Guerdy's Own, SBI n
IC Cyrielle's Eliza, SBI a 21
EC Fol Amour de la Perle d'Or DM, SBI n
PR&EC Doodlebug Xiang Zui Méili, SBI n
Trollehöjds Aeke, SBI n
Franklins Corona, SBI c
Hammardalens Hjalmar, SBI n
Raushöjdens Tiffany, SBI b
GIC Sydänyön Basecamper, SBI c
SC MeToYou Boss, SBI n
GIC Lirukallion Cuumaa tuhkaa, SBI g
EC Harebell Bryan, SBI a
GIC Stendalens Cola, SBI b
PR&CH Natalietten Benjamin, SBI c
CH Lirukallion Tilaustyö, SBI d
EP&EC Varicella's Blue Tissue, SBI a
EP&EC Fredrikakatten's Kim, SBI a
Kattapulten's Enzo, SBI c 21
Raushöjdens Gaia, SBI n
IP&GIC Jadinell Azio Zingaro, SBI b
CH Pirimirrin Dominica, SBI a
EC Zhamanen Diablo, SBI e
EC Zhamanen Kinley, SBI f


Date Organisation Place Class Judge Result
22.8.2010 RUROK Vantaa 10 Henry Hornell EX 1 CAP
12.2.2011 KES-KIS Jyväskylä 10 Marie Westerlund EX 1 CAP
13.2.2011 KES-KIS Jyväskylä 10 Stephane Bernard EX 1 CAP NOM PREMIER
8.10.2011 KES-KIS Jyväskylä 8 Elena Zagorskaya EX 1 CAPIB
9.10.2011 KES-KIS Jyväskylä 8 Tellervo Kass EX 1 -
19.5.2012 PIROK Tampere 8 Isabelle Maillard-Chiavuzzo -

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