Sacred Birman

Sacred Birman is a pointed cat with semilong coat. It has mask on its face, feet and tail while its body is pale. The body colour may have a little of the mask's shade. As a cat with semilong coat the birman has longer hair around its neck and a pretty bushy tail. Coat is also longer on back and sides. Coat is silky and soft and not woolly. Usually the neutered ones have the best coat and the coat length may vary depending on the season. With age the coat may also get darker.

The head of a birman has soft lines with full, slightly rounded cheeks and a slightly rounded forehead. The head is quite wide and strong, also the chin should be strong.

In the birman profile it is important that the nose and the forehead match to each other. Profile is not straight and it doesn't have a stop but a slight indentation. Birmans can also have a so called roman nose. The forehead and chin affect a lot the way the profile looks. In the second profile picture you see how the forehead should be and in the third picture a cat with a strong chin.

The ears are rather small with rounded tips. They are placed with good width apart and set slightly tipped.

Birmans shouldn't have rounded eyes, they are rather oval. The colour is blue, the deeper the better. The eyes should also not be placed too near each other or too deep in the skull. The eyes (the shape and size) are important for the look of a birman.

Birmans are strong from their type. Their body is sligtly long. They should look rather heavy. Legs are strong and rather short. Also in this breed the males are bigger than the females. The tail is medium long compared to the body. It should be bushy, forming a plume.

The coat is semilong and silky, though there should be quite lot of it. The mask (points) should be even. As its best it has the same tone on the face than on legs or tail. The tortiepoints should have both the red colour (red/creme) and black colour (brown/blue/choc/lilac) on their points. The contrast between body colour and points should be clear. The body should be pale.

The specialty of the birman are the white gloves and gauntlets. So, a birman should have pure white paws. The gloves may be a little longer on hind feet. Most desirable is when all four gloves are symmetric with each other and the gauntlets are symmetric, too.

Although the gloves and gauntlets are important for a birman they are not enough to make a cat birman. Most of all it's the type and the look, the famous birman look, that are important.

There are twenty colours that are accepted in FIFé: sealpoint, bluepoint, chocolatepoint, lilacpoint, redpoint, cremepoint, sealtortiepoint, bluetortiepoint, chocolatetortiepoint, lilactortiepoint, sealtabbypoint, bluetabbypoint, chocolatetabbypoint, lilactabbypoint, redtabbypoint, cremetabbypoint, sealtorbiepoint, bluetorbiepoint, chocolatetorbiepoint and lilactorbiepoint.