Nicknames: Sirkku, Sirkku-Liisa, Kommando, Musta Makalooni, Kurma, Mähmä
Sex: neutered female
Race: longhair domestic cat
Color: black and white
Date of birth: 1.6.2005, Hammaslahti
Born at: Family Ihatsu, Hammaslahti
Sire: unknown
Dam: blue longhair domestic cat Manta

Elli was supposed to be our only cat. Yeah right. I was the one who wanted Elli to have a cat friend and then we got Siru. Siru was a little longhair kitten who was a little suspicious. But once she got to know Elli and us and Nekku the dog she became a lovely companion to all of us. As a kitten Siru was rather small and skinny and didn't have the best coat. And look at her now! Wish one of our birmans had a coat like that...

Siru is our action hero. Really. She has her own tricks that she does. And she has got that evil look which is so cool. But she is a cool cat. Nowadays Siru has another side, too. Namely the lazy one. She really knows how to relax! If Siru was a man she would be drinking beer and watching TV and scratching her stomach. It's amazing how lazy she can be, our little action hero.

Siru is a really beautiful cat whit a lovely coat. Siru's eyes are beautiful yellow and she has a wonderful character. She is a little shy at first but once you get to know her you get a friend for life. Siru is a talking cat who has a lot to say. And she's funny, too. She "hunts" different kinds of stuff: toys, socks, etc. and brings them to us. If we don't notice her immediately she'll make some noise. Our cute funny James Bond -cat. ;)

Thanks family Ihatsu for this pretty lady! She is such a personality!

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